Fiona Shanahan

BA (Hons), La Trobe University

Fiona has worked throughout Australia as an archaeologist and Heritage Advisor since 2011. Her field of expertise relates to aviation and battlefield archaeology. She received a First Class Honours at La Trobe University (2014) for her thesis relating to the management of World War II aviation sites in Australia as compared to the Marshall Islands.

Fiona has experience in both historical and Indigenous archaeology in Australia. Projects that she has been involved in include: Australian Historic Shipwreck Preservation Project (2012), Port Arthur (2013, 2016), as well as small and large scale Indigenous (CHMPs) and historic surveys and excavations throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Fiona has been part of the editorial board for international student journal Dig It, as well as an organising committee member for the National Student Archaeology Conference (2014). Today Fiona continues to attend and present at conferences as well as conduct research at a World War II airbase in the Northern Territory. This year she presented Living Histories: A visual Context at the multidisciplinary Aviation Cultures MKIII conference in Sydney.

Fiona shanahan