Sarah Ricketts

BA (Hons, First Class), University of Auckland

Sarah has several years of experience in archaeological field work, survey, research and cultural material analysis. Her principal areas of interest include human-environmental interaction and its interpretation in the archaeological record, hunter-gatherer archaeology and subsistence strategies, the study of technological systems, and identifying cultural identity though archaeological remains. Her primary area of expertise is the study and interpretation of lithic assemblages and is a Heritage Advisor.

Sarah has worked on archaeological projects in Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, and the Solomon Islands. She has extensive experience in community and indigenous engagement from her previous position as Assistant Archaeologist at Heritage New Zealand (previously the New Zealand Historic Places Trust), as well as being an Executive Committee Member of the University of Auckland Student Archaeological Society.

Her current research, and the focus of her Master of Arts (Monash University), is the investigation of the lithic assemblages from the site of Mut al-Kharab, in Egypt’s Western Desert, and the interpretation of cultural interaction as expressed in the artefact assemblages. She has been the recipient of the Sam Eames Grant-In-Aid from the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation at the University of Sydney for this work. During her time at Monash University, Sarah has gained teaching experience with undergraduate courses on Australian, Near and Middle Eastern archaeology and ancient history, both in the Centre for Ancient Cultures and as a tutor for the Yulendj Indigenous Engagement Unit.


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