Welcome to Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage (formerly Dr Vincent Clark & Associates).

We are a team of experienced and dedicated archaeologists and cultural heritage specialists who are committed to preserving and protecting Australia's rich history and cultural heritage.

Our founder, Dr Vincent Clark, is a renowned archaeologist with over 25 years of experience in Australian Archaeology. He established Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage (formerly Dr Vincent Clark & Associates) to provide high-quality services that are grounded in a deep understanding and respect for the cultural significance of heritage sites and artefacts.

Our team members are all experts in their respective fields, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in cultural heritage management, archaeological surveys, excavation, and analysis. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that balance the needs of development with the protection of cultural heritage.

At Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their projects are delivered on time, on budget, and in compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations. Our services include cultural heritage assessments, archaeological surveys and excavations, heritage impact assessments, and cultural heritage management plans.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the cultural heritage of Australia is preserved for future generations, and we are proud to be making a positive contribution to this important work. Our team members are passionate about their work and are committed to delivering the highest standards of service and professionalism.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced team of archaeologists and cultural heritage specialists, then look no further than Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage . Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your project.

Our Team

Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage is committed to providing the highest quality advice and service. We maintain high professional standards and employ only qualified staff. Our professional team has experience in:

Clients We Have Worked With...

Dr Vincent Clark

PhD (University of Melbourne)


Dr. Vincent Clark is the principal advisor and archaeologist. He has worked internationally as an archaeologist since 1976 and founded the present company in Victoria in 1996. His skills and experience include:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in archaeology from the University of Melbourne
  • Project management, research and report writing expertise
  • Heritage advisor for more than 300 projects for a broad range of government and private clients
  • Extensive international experience in field archaeology and research
  • Contributor to archaeological journals and books
  • Research associate and lecturer in archaeology, Monash University

Dr Michelle Negus Cleary

Ph.D Arts, University of Sydney; BArch (Hons)


Michelle has expertise and experience in survey archaeology, GIS and data management, geophysical survey and remote sensing. Her research interests include urbanism and settlement analyses, landscape archaeology, heritage architecture, and conflict archaeology. She has published widely in international journals and edited books.

Michelle has worked on archaeological projects in Australia, Turkey, the Republic of Georgia and Uzbekistan. She has conducted surveys and participated in fieldwork over 5 seasons in Uzbekistan as part of the Karakalpak-Australian Archaeological Expedition with the University of Sydney. She participated in the extensive and geophysical surveys at the site of Pessinus in Turkey with the University of Melbourne.

Michelle has recently completed her PhD in Archaeology at the University of Sydney, examining low density urbanism and settlement patterns of mobile societies in ancient Central Asia and was awarded a National Geographic-Waitt research grant for geophysical remote sensing of the site of Kazakly-yatkan (Akchakhan-kala) in western Uzbekistan.

She has been involved in the Joint Historical-Archaeological Surveys expedition documenting the World War 1 battlefield at Gallipoli from 2012-2014 and is involved in teaching La Trobe University and iTunesU subject on Gallipoli and the Great War.

Michelle is currently a co-director of the Landscape Archaeology of Georgia archaeological survey project in the southern Caucasus Mountains.

Website: http://sydney.academia.edu/MichelleNegusCleary

Tim Clark


Tim has spent 13+ years in talent acquisition, organisational strategy and management positions across both Australia and New Zealand. He joined Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage in 2023 as a Director, with a focus on business performance and growth, client relationships and employee development.

His experience spans a number of different industries including power generation, mining, utilities construction/maintenance and FMCG.

Lauren Davison

MMArch, Flinders University; BArch, Flinders University


Lauren Davison graduated from Flinders University with a Master of Maritime Archaeology in 2015. and has worked in a variety of industries including local government heritage departments, maritime museums and historical societies on a variety of heritage projects and community engagement.

Lauren has several years’ experience working on and overseeing a wide range of archaeological projects across Australia including the Willow Court/Royal Derwent Hospital Archaeology Project, New Norfolk and the Penitentiary Precinct Project in Tasmania; Leven Lass shipwreck excavations, Phillip Island, Victoria; and the Gold Coast Wreck Conservation Project, Queensland.

Dr Paul Kucera

MMArch, Flinders University; BArch, FliPhD, Archaeology; BA (Hons), Monash University


Paul has extensive experience in the application of GIS in archaeology and in mapping. As a senior member of the team, Paul is involved in all major projects. He specialises in GNSS data collection, map production, and data management, as well as field survey and excavation. Some additional areas of his interest and practical skill-set include the application of remote sensing (satellite and aerial imagery, ASTER-GDEM, SRTM, and LiDAR), digital terrains (DEM), photogrammetry and digital 3D modelling in archaeological survey, site documentation and mapping. Paul’s skills cover many areas of recording and interpreting Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous archaeological sites, including devising methodologies, planning survey and excavation strategies and developing spatial distribution analyses. His responsibilities also cover report writing, CHMP preparation, and consultation with Traditional Owners, clients, and government regulators.

During his time as a student in the Centre for Archaeology and Ancient History at Monash University and since completing his postgraduate degree, Paul has worked as an archaeologist in Australia since 2007, overseas in Egypt since 2003, and in Italy. His work in Egypt is associated with the Qasr Dakhleh Project (affiliated with Groningen University and the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo), the Dakhleh Oasis Project, and previously Monash University. Paul’s research focus is the Roman military presence in the Western Desert of Egypt. He has excavated at several sites in Dakhla Oasis which include Ismant al-Kharab, Mut al-Kharab, Dayr Abu Metta and al-Qasr, and has also published on his topic of research. At present, he is the deputy Director and co-Investigator of the Qasr Dakhleh Project and is a collaborator in the El-Deir Archaeological Mission, Kharga Oasis. In 2016, Paul participated in the South Abydos Mastaba Project, Egypt as a ceramicist and ceramic illustrator. Connected with his research expertise and fieldwork in Egypt, Paul has also acted as an advisor to the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, in the development of 3D visualisations and animations of Roman forts. Between 2003 and 2006, Paul taught undergraduate courses in the Centre for Archaeology and Ancient History at Monash University and from 2007 to 2009, was a research assistant in the Centre. In 2012 and 2014, Paul fulfilled the role of a teaching assistant and site supervisor for the Centre’s archaeological field school in Prato, Italy.

Website: https://independent.academia.edu/PaulKucera

Dr Jarrad Paul

PhD, BA (Hons), University of Melbourne


Jarrad is as an archaeologist and worked animal bone specialist with extensive experience in the field working in Turkey, the Republic of Georgia, Greece, and Malaysian Borneo since 2013. He has published a book, journal articles, and book chapters related to his research regarding bone tool use by the world’s first farming communities. Jarrad has also presented his findings to a range of specialist and public audiences at international and domestic conferences. Recently, he has been working and managing a range of historic archaeological excavations across Melbourne.

Jarrad also has a passion for education, working as tutor for the University of Melbourne and Trinity College. He is currently a member of The International Council of Archaeozoology and the Archaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria. 

Ramona Angelico

Master of Professional Archaeology, Latrobe University. Graduate Certificate of Archaeology, LaTrobe University. Graduate Diploma of Arts specialising in Classics & Archaeology, University of Melbourne. Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Melbourne


Ramona is passionate about the relationship between the past and the present and the stories objects can tell. Her multidisciplinary understanding of material culture comes from her background in art and antiques, combined with her training and experience in the methods and principals of archaeological practice and management of major archaeological collections and archives.

Ramona began working with Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage in 2019 as a Historical Artefact Specialist, and in 2024 was promoted to Team Leader – Historical Artefacts.  Ramona specialises in archaeological collection management, cataloguing, material culture analysis, & interpretation. Ramona has catalogued & analysed several large scale, high significance historical artefact assemblages, assisted in the delivery of heritage interpretation schemes including public artefact displays & co- authored numerous excavation results reports.

Having previously assisted an internationally recognised antique dealer & collector for over six years before joining Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage, Ramona’s extensive knowledge informs her capacity to correctly identify a broad range of objects from diverse geographic regions and historic periods.

In 2018 Ramona was awarded the position of Archive Intern at the A.D. Trendall Research Centre for Ancient Mediterranean Studies at La Trobe University, in conjunction with Oxford University. In 2021, Ramona completed a Master of Professional Archaeology at La Trobe University focusing her thesis on the Wesley Archaeological Complex artefact assemblage. She has also presented at the Victorian Archaeology Colloquium, is published in archaeological journals, and in 2023 presented an award-winning paper at the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology Conference. Ramona is currently completing a PhD in Archaeology at Latrobe University, researching artefacts excavated from the Melbourne CBD.

Angela Smith

PhD Melbourne University (currently underway); MSc, Melbourne University; BA, McMaster University, Canada; BSc (Honours) National University of Singapore


Angela has many years’ experience working in archaeology and physical anthropology in Canada, Belize, Singapore, Georgia as well as in Australia. Since joining the team at Dr. Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage in 2009 she has worked in Victorian archaeology, including both historical and Aboriginal sites. She has worked on sites such as Tambo Bluff, King’s Road and Malmsbury Common and has also contributed to numerous Cultural Heritage Management Plans. She is experienced working with lithics in Victoria as well as at indigenous sites in Canada (Iroquoian) and Mayan sites in Belize.

Angela’s professional focus is on stress and health in past populations. She honed her skills during her Master’s degree at the University of Melbourne which involved a study of human remains at a Late Antique Period site in Georgia, examining crania and teeth.

At the Bukit Brown Cemetery in Singapore, she led a team of 20 people documenting and cataloguing the artefacts of over 5,000 exhumed graves in 2013-2014. The second part of the project involves analysing the teeth of individuals from unclaimed graves to study stress and general health of the population, as well as the oral health of the individuals.

Angela has given a public lecture at the National Library of Singapore and spoken to public interest and school groups on her work at the Bukit Brown Cemetery.

Dr Stephanie Cath-Garling

PhD (Pacific Archaeology), The Australian National University; Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (Australian Aboriginal Archaeology), The University of Sydney


Prior to working in Victoria (since 2017), Steph worked in Aboriginal cultural heritage management in NSW for over seven years. As Field Archaeologist and/or Field Director, she was involved in surveys and a number of large-scale test and salvage excavations of Aboriginal Places in and around the Sydney Basin.
At Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage, Steph is the Aboriginal lithic artefact specialist, cataloguing and analysing lithic assemblages from CHMP projects as well as from a number of large-scale salvage projects in the Melbourne region.

Steph is also Artefact Photographer, responsible for photographing Aboriginal lithic artefacts, as well as artefacts from historical and industrial Heritage places, including for the website of a significant display of artefacts from early urban Melbourne.

Outside of heritage management, Steph’s research (as part of her PhD and Wenner-Gren Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Centre for Pacific Studies, University of St Andrews) has focussed on interaction and exchange in Island Melanesia during a period of cultural transition some 2,000 years ago. Steph undertook extensive fieldwork on the Tanga Islands, Papua New Guinea, including excavating at open coastal and cave/rock-shelter sites, and recording rock-art. She has analysed pottery style and composition, obsidian, red ochre and rock-art style.

Dr Alex Donald

PhD (Archaeology), La Trobe University, Bachelor of Arts (Honours)/ Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Newcastle


Alex began working in the heritage consultancy industry in Victoria in 2012 while undertaking post-graduate study. Since the completion of his PhD in 2016 Alex has worked as an archaeological sub-contractor, undertaking survey and excavations at both historic and Indigenous sites across Victoria.

Outside of archaeological consultancy, Alex has worked in the digital reconstruction and mapping of ancient sites. This involved detailed archaeological research to create historically accurate virtual reality simulations of ancient sites as part of broader programmes of community heritage engagement.

Alex has ongoing research interests in the Mediterranean. He has contributed to several Australian and international conferences on both Mediterranean and Near Eastern archaeology and participated in excavations at both Souskiou-Laona and Pyla-Kokkinokremos in Cyprus.

Gemma Lee

PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne; BA (Hons), University of Melbourne


Gemma is a senior archaeologist and registered Heritage Advisor who has been employed in the heritage consulting industry since 2017. Gemma has been involved in both Aboriginal and historic heritage projects across Victoria, and has extensive experience in archaeological excavation and survey, project management, stakeholder engagement and heritage reporting. Her interests lie in the archaeology of ancient Australia and in educational outreach, where she seeks to promote public engagement with the past through tangible interactions with archaeological artefacts and sites.

In addition to consulting, Gemma is currently undertaking a PhD in Archaeology at the University of Melbourne. Her research investigates the use of abandoned and under-utilised archaeological collections in teaching and learning at a tertiary level. Gemma has also been employed as a guest lecturer and academic tutor in the Classics and Archaeology department at the University of Melbourne and produced publications on the curation crisis and the benefits of object-based learning in tertiary education. She has worked on international excavations since 2013, participating in projects in Israel-Palestine and the Republic of Georgia.

Sophie Russell

MArchEvoSc, The Australian National University; BA (Hons), University of Melbourne


Sophie is an archaeologist, GIS specialist, and registered Heritage Advisor who has been working with Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage since 2018 on both Aboriginal and historic heritage projects. Her role as a Geographic Information Systems specialist involves the processing of spatial data and mapping for heritage reporting in Victoria. Additionally, Sophie holds a Masters of Archaeological and Evolutionary Science from the Australian National University, specialising in Environmental Archaeology and Climate Change. Her knowledge and skills include the application of scientific dating techniques (including radiocarbon calibration), designing environmental sampling strategies for excavation, and the interpretation of palaeoclimate data relating to archaeological sites.

Outside of consulting, Sophie has acted as a guest lecturer, academic tutor, and field school supervisor at the University of Melbourne, and has published on the management of endangered heritage during modern conflict. She has worked on excavations in Peru, Greece, the Republic of Georgia, and Papua New Guinea, with an ongoing interest in the archaeology of ancient Australia and the Pacific.

Natasha Ressia

GradDipProfArch, La Trobe University; BA (Hons) & MUCH, University of Melbourne


Natasha is an archaeologist and registered Heritage Advisor who has been working in the heritage industry since 2017. She has worked as a field archaeologist on several Aboriginal and historical cultural heritage projects across Victoria and is proficient in the survey and excavation of archaeological sites, as well as the processing and cataloguing of artefacts post-excavation.

In addition to heritage consulting, Natasha has experience in archival and museum environments. She was previously employed by the Ian Potter Museum of Art at the University of Melbourne to assist with the relocation of their fine art and heritage collections to an external storage facility. She has also worked as an Archivist for a secondary school in Melbourne, where she managed the school’s historical collection, including uniforms, photographs and other memorabilia.
Natasha is currently undertaking a Master of Archaeology at La Trobe University and has ongoing research interests in the curation of archaeological collections in Australia and internationally. 

Jaimi Houston

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at Monash University


Jaimi completed her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at Monash University in 2021, with research titled It Takes a Village to Raise a Tomb: broadening the horizons of Ancient Egyptian museum exhibitions with Middle Kingdom Funerary Models. During her undergraduate degree, she assisted in materials sorting with the Monash Centre for Indigenous Studies and continued her interest in artefact cataloguing and study into her Honours thesis.

She is passionate about educating the public about the ancient world through interactive and creative methods and believes that every museum has the ability to participate in such practices. Her ongoing research interests lie in Egyptian Antiquity, but her drive to connect modern society to its recent and ancient past through objects knows no geographical bounds.

Jake Osborne

BMus, University of Melbourne; BA (Hons.) University of Melbourne


Jake has worked domestically and internationally as an archaeologist since 2018, before joining with Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage in 2022. He has extensive experience with excavation and survey of Indigenous heritage sites across western Victoria.

Jake’s academic specialty is the leisure activities of past societies, completing his thesis at the University of Melbourne in 2021 on the spatial distribution of board games within Roman Britain. During his studies, he was awarded the Donald Mackay British History Prize and the Marion Boothby Exhibition for excellence in the study of 16th/17th century British history. Jake also participated in the Tell es-Safi/Gath archaeological project’s 2018 season in Israel.
After completing his honors degree in 2021, he now studies a Masters of Archaeology at Latrobe University.

Raquel Sundberg

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)


Raquel Sundberg is an archaeologist and Heritage Advisor (BA, Hons) that has been working in the consulting industry since 2018 on both historical and Aboriginal sites. During this period, she has had extensive experience working on various Major Projects throughout Victoria, with particular focus on historical archaeology. Raquel is also an established illustrator, with background in site planning, artefact illustration and vector drawing.

Raquel’s interests lie in media communication, with an emphasis on making history and archaeology accessible and consumable to the public. She also has research interests in South Asian and Mediterranean archaeology.

Rachel Slocombe

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)


Rachel is a qualified archaeologist and Heritage Advisor with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) majoring in both Ancient World Studies and History from the University of Melbourne. Her honours thesis in Ancient World Studies explored the similarities between royal portrait sculptures from the Amarna period in Ancient Egypt and the Hellenistic period in Ancient Egypt and Greece. She also has a Graduate Certificate of Professional Archaeology from La Trobe University with Aboriginal Archaeology as the focus.

Rachel has field experience in historical and Indigenous salvage excavations. Rachel has experience writing due diligence reports and memorandums for both Aboriginal and historic projects, writing and managing Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs), performing register searches on the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register, and analysing Aboriginal stone artefacts. Rachel is also a full member of the Australian Archaeological Association (AAA).

Josh Hunt

Master of Professional Archaeology


Joshua is an archaeologist and registered Heritage Advisor who began working in the heritage industry in 2018. He has worked on both Aboriginal and historical sites across Victoria with experience in archaeological survey, manual and mechanical sub surface testing and salvage excavations. 

Projects he has worked on include the Metro Tunnel development, industrial and residential developments, subdivisions and wind farms. Outside of consulting Joshua has an interest in context and artefact illustrations and an overall passion for archaeology.

Bridget Forbes

Job Title


Bridget has worked in administrative and program management roles in various museums and galleries in Australia and the UK. Her roles include Arts Officer Community Engagement at Incinerator Art Gallery, Museum Partnership Program Manager at The Museum of English Rural Life and as the Professional Development Manager at the Victorian branch of the Australian Museum and Gallery Association. She studied Museum Studies at Deakin University. In her spare time Bridget enjoys walking her Irish Wolfhound, visiting museums and galleries and travelling whenever possible.