Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

At Dr Vincent Clark Archaeology & Heritage (formerly Dr Vincent Clark & Associates) our Heritage Advisors have significant experience in the investigation and management of Aboriginal cultural heritage in all regions of Victoria and for a wide range of clients and projects, ranging from small, localised projects for private individuals and companies to large infrastructure developments on behalf of government agencies and large development and engineering companies.

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Working closely with Registered Aboriginal Parties and Traditional Owners, and with a broad range of stakeholders including, local and state government agencies, large consultancies, construction, and developers, we seek to achieve practical and appropriate solutions for all parties.

We have extensive experience preparing cultural heritage services for a diverse range of clients. The cultural heritage services we provide include:

  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs)
  • Due diligence assessments and letters of advice for projects about their obligations under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006
  • Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Tests (PAHTs)
  • Cultural Heritage Permits (CHPs)
  • Cultural Landscape Conservation Management Plans (CMPs)
  • CHMP salvage excavations and the implementation of CHMP management conditions
  • Cultural heritage awareness inductions and training
  • Indigenous archaeology research investigations and surveys
  • CHMP compliance audits

We have successfully completed CHMPs, salvage excavations and CHPs for a wide range of development and infrastructure projects, including:

  • Major construction projects
  • Road and railway infrastructure projects
  • Utilities infrastructure projects
  • Residential subdivisions
  • Industrial subdivisions and developments
  • Recreational and sporting facilities
  • Shared user paths (walking and cycling paths) and bridges

We provide clear and sound advice about the requirements for a cultural heritage management plan and undertake all investigation, assessment and consultation required in the preparation of the CHMP.
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