Archaeology of the Toolern Creek: Upcoming Colloquium Presentation

Next week sees some of our staff members presenting a paper at the Victorian Archaeology Colloquium at La Trobe University. This is the fourth time the colloquium has been held, providing a lively forum for archaeologists, Aboriginal groups, government agencies, academics and students to present the results of their work over the past twelve months.

Jasmine Scibilia, Meredith Filihia and Paul Kucera have been working to map and analyse the outcomes of a number of archaeological investigations that have been conducted in the vicinity of the Toolern Creek, Melton South. The most recent investigation involved the surface collection of more than 2200 artefacts from a large area in the Atherstone residential housing development.

The results from this latest collection have been combined with the results of other projects in the area to produce new insights into the Aboriginal use and occupation of this important watercourse and its surrounds. Central to this investigation has been the production of a series of maps, produced from a large integrated GIS data set incorporating multiple projects, that show features such as artefact densities and ties their distribution to landforms in the area. The team will present their findings at the 2015 colloquium on February 6.

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