Atherstone Homestead Historical Investigation

Top plan of feature with depth colourisation recorded using photogrammetry.

As part of a large-scale residential development project at Melton, 35 km west of Melbourne’s CBD, Dr Vincent Clark & Associates recently excavated the remains of an unusual bluestone structure close to the Toolern Creek. This feature was situated on the Exford Estate, once an extensive squatting property built in 1846 by one of Melton’s first settlers, Harry Staughton. The site consisted of an ovoid rectangle roughly 5 x 4 metres in size formed by two concentric layers of large dressed bluestone blocks packed with tiny bluestone sherds, and an internal timber structure. A great deal of care had been taken in building the structure, which yielded little in the way of artefacts, but raised many questions and prompted many fascinating discussions regarding its possible age and purpose.

Furthermore, the excavations provided the perfect opportunity for us to use 3D photogrammetry to build an extremely precise and beautiful 3D model of the feature before it was dismantled to make way for a major housing development.

Our team of archaeologists efficiently and expertly excavated the feature in accordance with Heritage Victoria’s guidelines and standards, and successfully obtained the relevant consent for development works to proceed in adherence to the client’s timeframe.

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The excavated feature

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