Connolly Avenue, Pedestrian Bridge, Coburg (CHMP)

A cultural heritage management plan was prepared in 2014 prior to construction of a footbridge across Merri Creek at De Chene Reserve, Coburg. Despite there being ground disturbance across the low-lying creek valley, two previously unidentified cultural sites were recorded. One is a grinding stone which had been moved and placed in the creek during earlier bridge and bank stabilising works. The grinding stone was located following discussions with a member of the Friends of the Merri Creek who had noted an unusual basalt boulder in the creek. This find goes to show the unexpected places in which Aboriginal cultural heritage can occur, even in heavily modified urban settings, as well as demonstrating the value of community engagement and local knowledge.

Project Manager:Kym Oataway
Project Type:Cultural Heritage Management Plan
Activity:Pedstrian Bridge and walking track
Client:Moreland City Council

Oataway, K. 2015, Connolly Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, De Chene Reserve, Coburg. Cultural Heritage Management Plan No. 13128, Report for Moreland City Council.

Ground Stone, Merri Creek (K. Oataway)

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