Eureka Lead Pistol and Gold Rush Exhibition

Are you interested in the Gold Rush, why not visit the exhibition currently on display at the Old Treasury Building in partnership with the Public Record Office of Victoria, Gold Rush: 20 Objects, 20 Stories, featuring a unique find excavated by Dr Vincent Clark, a Pepperbox Pistol. This c1850s pistol, currently on loan from Heritage Victoria, has been conserved and is on display as part of a fascinating story about the Victorian Gold Rush.

Excavated from a prospecting shaft at Eureka Lead, Ballarat, this pistol is a rare example of a personal item owned by many during the Gold Rush era. Pepperbox pistols, a common kind of percussion pistol with a revolving barrel, were produced mainly for civilian use and made their first appearance in the late 1830s. They were popular because of their multi shot advantage but were largely supersede by the Colt style revolver in the mid 1850s.

The exhibition at the Old Treasury Building continues until the 26th May 2019 and is open Sunday – Friday 10am-4pm and entry is free.

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