Mernda Central P-12 School (CHMP)

The proposed development of Mernda Central P-12 School led to a CHMP which was completed in early 2015. The Mernda district, west of Plenty River, is being rapidly developed for housing, but it is also the location of numerous Aboriginal cultural sites, notably scarred trees. One scarred tree had been previously recorded within the activity area. This large and ancient Red Gum has a girth of more than 6 metres and a prominent scar on its north side. The tree was re-inspected and recommendations were devised to protect the tree during and after construction. Geotechnical testing and surface observation had found the ground to be heavily disturbed across much of the activity area. As such, subsurface testing sought to establish the boundaries of the disturbance and focus on areas that remained undisturbed. One surface artefact identified on disturbed ground is thought to have been introduced from a different location.

Project Manager:Kym Oataway
Project Type:Cultural Heritage Management Plan
Activity:Development of a P-12 School
Client:Department of Education and Training
Date:May 2015


Oataway, K. and W. Anderson, 2015. Mernda Central P-12 Proposed School Site, Mernda. Cultural Heritage Management Plan No. 13444. Report for the Department of Education and Training.

Mernda Central (W. Anderson)

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