Point Cook P-9 School (CHMP)

Point Cook is one of the most rapidly growing suburbs of Melbourne. The proposed development of a P-9 school at this site in Point Cook led to the preparation of a voluntary Cultural Heritage Management Plan. The site is located in an area that was formerly surrounded by salt marshes and swamps rich in resources to sustain the Aboriginal people of the area. The sponsor agreed to undertake a voluntary CHMP due to the archaeological potential of the area and the fact that there are numerous sites consisting of isolated artefacts recorded nearby. Although areas of previous ground disturbance were observed during the survey, the investigation resulted in the recording of one Low Density Artefact Distribution (LDAD) site consisting of two lithic artefacts on disturbed ground. Following the survey, subsurface testing failed to identify any further cultural deposits.

Project Managers:Meredith Filihia and Jasmine Scibilia
Project Type:Cultural Heritage Management Plan
Activity:Development of a P-9 School
Client:Department of Education and Training
Date:April 2015

Filihia, M. and J. Scibilia, 2015. Point Cook South P-9 Proposed School Site, CHMP 13442. Report for the Department of Education and Training.

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