Ravenswood Interchange (CHMP)

A Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) was prepared in 2014 for the new Ravenswood Interchange on the southern outskirts of Bendigo. Field investigations resulted in the registration of 23 Aboriginal places, including 21 lithic artefact deposits, four scarred trees and one earth feature. A number of these sites consist of large concentrations of subsurface cultural deposits along the ridge overlooking Ravenswood and Bullock Creeks. Radiocarbon age estimates obtained from four sites reveal dates ranging from the last few hundred years back to the Pleistocene, significantly revising the chronology of Aboriginal occupation in the region.

Project Manager:Ben Watson
Project Type:Cultural Heritage Management Plan
Duration:14 Months


Watson, B. 2015. Calder Highway/Calder Alternative Highway Interchange Ravenswood: Cultural Heritage Management Plan. Report prepared for VicRoads.

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